Goth Wear, Then and Now

There seems to be a bit of buzz about "alternative shoeware" on the blogosphere these days. First, Rumi buys herself an awesome pair of demonia boots, then Lucrecia seems to be eyeing a pair of creepers, then Shay from The Ongoing Project tells us a little bit about the days such footwear was indeed pretty alternative.

As for me, at first I thought: let the subcultures have something left to themselves damn it! But I do admit that I think they're kind of cool. And I like seeing Rumi's boots paired with something else besides PVC trenches or PVC skirts.

I really wonder how goth went from the sleek glory days of Bauhaus to the more Halloween-like looks we see today. Bring back the suits please!

images from listen.to/bauhaus

On a more random note, did anyone know that it was Peter Murphy of Bauhaus sitting in the chair getting blown away by Maxell audio tapes? Just another wtf moment I had wile perusing google images today.


Carlita said...

Just wanted to stop by and say... I love your blog!!
I adore your valentines day outfit by the way; you've got a fab sense of style :)

Much Love,

P.S. Great post!

Shay said...

ha, I so agree. This stuff has gotten way to costumey and needs to be reclaimed/reinvented. Ever seen "The Hunger?" Bauhaus opens it. So rad.

The other thing about goth/fetish shoes? They are usually cheap, and surprising comfy (to balance out their unusual proportions)

Raez said...

well, maybe goth is the new hipster!

I love your new background by the way. dreamy!

[Tara] said...

In a way, I love the way subculture fashion is getting mixed in with everything else, but it also sort of bizarre to see the complete disappearance of subcultures...really, we have style tribes, but nothing is "sub" anymore...it's all out in the open!

Insomnia said...

Unfortunately the bigger part of so called goths haven't got the taste to wear nice things...
I wanted to buy some wedge boots from one of goth online stores for a while now...