Preen's Candy Coloured Goodness

Fall collections? Cold? What cold? It looks like Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi should spend some time here in Canada. These sheer, cut-out, bodycon, rainbow-bright looks were obviously not designed with the likes of me in mind, still shivering at a cool 5 or so degrees. Ok, granted, the rest of Canada does see much worse in the winter. But walking into American Apparel last week, I really felt a pang of longing for warm summer days spent wearing not very much at all on the beach.

Ah sheer summer goodness.

pics via style.com


tis serendipity said...

Mmm that yellow dress is cut in places just enough to look sexy and yet it doesn't go overboard. Aww winter's a season I absolutely crave for; enjoy it while you can! =D

Amelia said...

I totally love these, but I was definitely wondering how the heck they could be considered fall/winter. They could have at least thrown on some tights.

Alice X said...

oh yeah, so true. who cares that it's not functional, the models all looked smoking:) i want to escape canada too, it's always sunnny in cali.