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Today I received a short little e-mail (actually, very short as far as press releases usually go) from a new Toronto-based online magazine Contra Mag, asking me to check them out online. So I did, and found a very inspiring photo of model sporting a rather romantic up-do and a collar from fetish store Ego Assassin.

Looking through the stuff in store at Ego Assassin, I keep thinking that if I had extra cash to blow at the moment (which I don't, but one can dream) I'd love to try out the latex garter belts, sock garters, muscle tops and over boob tops. They'd make great layering pieces, adding a completely different type of fabric into the mix. And they're also a step up from the already ubiquitous latex leggings.

First image via Contra Mag, second image via Ego Assassin

The muscle top also reminds me of Hussein Chalayan's fall 2009 collection. I love how powerful these looks are. Sexy stuff.

Images via style.com


Anonymous said...

LOVE this stuff, oh how I wish I had more money!

and the Hussein Chalayan collection was also completely brilliant, but that was to be expected.

Cruz said...

They would be great for layering, totally perverse since they're futuristic and dominatrix. ;-)

Fashion Garden said...

So futuristic ! Lov it !!


Amelia said...

I love the collar!

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Looks like fashion armor.

Insomnia said...

I love beautiful latex, but it's, indeed, very expensive :(

A*mused said...

That first image is stunning!

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Also, would you be interested in swapping links?