Bubble Dress

I am feeling extremely drained today, and I am a bit upset that I don't really have the time to attend any of the Vancouver Fashion Week related events coming up soon. I guess school is a bigger priority? Right now it kind of feels like an inescapable ball and chain. I'll be keeping this post very short since I'm sort of at a loss for words. So umm... here's what I wore today! I need to make an effort to photograph my outfits outside more often. The quality of all of these latest photos make me cringe.

I'm wearing a Costa Blanca sweater, and thrifted light blue linen dress. The hem of the dress was actually twice as long as shown in the photo. I ended up pinning the bottom hem to the waist and then inserting the scarf I wore in my last post in the fold to give it a bubble shape... If that makes sense. Me and my nutty ideas.

I've been asked a couple of times to create a tutorial for the scarf dresses I keep churning out. I actually did make a rather sucky 3 photo tutorial a long while ago... Wow look at those puffy bangs I was sporting. Not so hot. I'd like to re-do the tutorial again another time, but I'm sort of caught up with marketing projects and collective bargaining simulations at the moment... Time will tell.


Dane said...

I just stumbled upon your blog.. I really like your scarf dresses. =)

Shin said...

I love the sweater and your photos are lovely to look at! xxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

yay for nutty ideas! they always come out brilliantly on your blog :-)

Cruz said...

Really cool sweater! Especially with that dress.

Vintage Tea said...

Cute outfit

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The Queen of Hearts said...

hunter wellys!!!

And I adore the furniture! So clean and crisp.


Wanderlusting said...

Love that Hudson Bay blanket in the background. Only now just realized your actually from Vancouver too, lol. Would love to know where you score all your fab vintage stuff - Value Village and Mintage is just too pricey for me (plus that store on Robson and Granville, underground - forgot the name). Lusty