Serge Lutens

Forgive me me while I play fashion catch-up here but I am finding myself completely blown away by the work of Serge Lutens. I can't believe I've only stumbled across this artistic genius just now! I was only vaguely aware of his stunning work for Shiseido in the 80s and his makeup campaign for Dior, but hadn't had the chance to view the rest of his work until I ran into this stunning compilation of his photographs. Would you even call them photographs? They really toe the line between photography and traditional art. It all looks like a perfect mix of geisha, court jester and blitz kid. I am in love.

Photos via typogabor.com


Cruz said...

These are so cool, I love the last one!

Amelia said...

I love the really abstracted pictures. These are stunning for design, clothing and makeup.

Summer said...

These are stunning..Love it..;D
Hope to see more of this..;D


Wendy said...

hey sabrina,
can't believe i found you here
i'm wendy from your french class and i was browsing around and just happened to click on your blog
i always thought your fashion sense was very cool =) hehe

Chloe said...

The last pic .. I like it, she looks sexy :D

Madeline said...

these are sooo stunning

Sister Wolf said...

Beautiful. Serge Lutens for Shiseido has never been equaled.