Pelican Avenue Fall 09

I think technology and I need a divorce. Or at least some time apart, so we can maybe figure out where we are in our lives, because I think technology needs to get its priorities straight. Case in point, last night the wireless network on my laptop just disappeared. POOF! Just like that. Gone. I've googled the problem already and found out that I'm not the only one this has happened to. Thank you malware for making my day harder than it has to be! Unfortunately I'm not much of a techie so following directions on a forum just isn't working out. So now I'm blogging with two laptops in front of me. One doesn't have internet and the other doesn't have photo editing software. Brilliant. But anyways, let me refocus on the purpose of this post, the wonderfully colourful Pelican Avenue fall 09 collection.

Pelican Avenue is the brainchild of Carolin Lerch, a graduate from the Antwerp Academy of Fashion and former assistant of Bernhard Willhelm. The label is intended to propose a different approach to fashion, to oppose constantly changing trends yet avoid stagnation and complacency. The collections are represented through different types of media including photography, live installations, performances and video. I definitely recommend a visit to their website, where the collections are broken up and displayed as themed projects, most with a fantastic accompanying video.

Although their intention is to avoid trends, I can't help but point out that the nomad looks in this collection are rather similar to work by the likes of Damir Doma and Rozalb de Mura. The "avante-garde" group it seems, still has it's own microcosm of recurring trends and themes, but they do seem to have more staying power and enjoy a longer time span before saturation. I'd still wear every piece and treasure them forever!

Images via LondonTokyoStyle


caroussel said...

Thanks for enduring technical failure.

It's a times like those that I wonder about my dependency.. and it doesn't pay to think along those lines.

What an amazing collection..


Hannah said...

I like it. Some of the prints are sort of reminiscent of those jewel prints that Alexander McQueen did not long back.

xta said...

what OS are you using? sometimes when my wireless capability stops working I just do system restore (on windows, just use the search bar) and pick a restore point just right before my wireless stopeped working.. and then I can access wifi again. I think it's because something in the computer set up (bios, lalala) becomes altered; by malware, et al. the restore fixes it usually... try it? :)

love your blog. such an inspiration! :) and your thrift finds are always such winners.