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Yesterday I met up with my friend Andra for a early morning stroll through Vancouver's Chinatown. She wanted to document the Main St/Chinatown area. I brought my camera around to take photos as well. It's been ages since I've used it for anything else besides the blog. As a warning, if you're squeamish, or vegetarian, two pictures towards the bottom show dried lizards and dead fish. Just warnin.

The forecast called for rain, and it was drizzling a bit when I left the house, so I put on my rainboots expecting to splash in some puddles. But the rain never came, and I felt like a bit of an idiot walking around with heavy duty rainboots and a tweedy blazer. Am I still living in Vancouver? Where has all the rain gone? I changed later on in the day and put on a pair of brown booties. I called this look great depression chic version 2.0, because the Federal Reserve is between a rock and a hard place right now. Seemed fitting.

I don't know what my friend saw in a discarded can of beer, but I was into her matching tights and shoes contrasted against the blue wall.

The photo directly below reminds me of something my boyfriend would take.

I was fascinated with the dried lizards. Does anyone know what they're called? And what their purpose is? And how they're used?


yulanda said...

Oh my goodness, the first photo is too good. The parking spot is reserved for my dad. or at least it could be!

Tip said...

these are amazing photographs sabrina. I love your outfit as well.

indigotangerine said...

these are beautiful. especially the first one, I love your outfit so much

k604bc said...

I'm glad your back to your regular programming. Love the photos and love, LOVE the polka dress with the tweed blazer :)

Chujiao said...

Oh, the lizards looked like some kind of gecko. They are used in Traditional/herbal Chinese medicine.

Btw, love your knee high boots in your last post (24.06.09). The color is especially awesome.

Anonymous said...

you put the lizard in a boiling water. you take it out after a while, then you drink the broth that remained. i think it's for cough or cold.

Sabrina said...

Thanks! Boiling was my first guess. I mean, I doubt a dried up crunchy lizard is very appetizing on its own. I think some day soon I should look into herbal medicine. I'm already all over the health benefits/toxins in regular supermarket foods.

Meream said...

Dead lizards...For voodoo rituals? Hehe. But the boiling thing sounds possible.

M. and O. said...


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