Fashion Mag Goes 3 Dimensional

"This month, Dazed & Confused leaps out of your hands, taking fashion into the third dimension with a specially commissioned shoot of Marios Schwab’s 3D-inspired collection. Featuring 3D photography by Terry Tsiolis and styling by Nicola Formichetti, plus a specially inserted pair of 3D glasses and exclusive interview with the innovative designer."
3D fashion! I must thank the editors of Dazed for giving us a bit of peek into what one might have experienced at the Fall 2009 Marios Schwab show. I loved the anaglyphic prints. 3D glasses or no 3D glasses, they are still some crazily cool prints!


heleen db said...

yessss thank you for posting about this, I'll be checking my local magazine store out first thing tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

such such such a good idea!!!!
loving it, its gorgeous!!!

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la petite fille avec la vie a la mode said...

wow this wil be really cool to see! i think i wanna go out and buy the mag now


Amelia said...

I'm always glad that I saved an old pair of 3D glasses from another magazine for moments like this. It looks really epic in 3D, but I like all the red and blue that you get without the glasses, too.

mode.ulation said...

This concept is so fresh and cool!
p.s. do you want to exchange links?