Cortazar for Ungaro

When I browse through collections during fashion week, I sometimes get so caught up in looking for something fantastical and new that I forget to look at the little details. For the past two seasons since Estaban Cortazar has taken over at Emanuel Ungaro, I have overlooked the collections by merely taking a quick glance at thumbnails and deciding that there was nothing much to see. Last night as I was thumbing through an older issue of British Vogue and the most beautiful print I have ever seen caught my eyes. Surprise suprise! It was the light wood print from Estaban Cortazar's debut collection at Ungaro.

I love the braiding, twisting and draping on the pieces in this collection. It also features my new favorite color (for the moment): light grey-blue. But the wood grain printed chiffon stole my heart. I hope to come across something similar when I my exam schedule allows for a much anticipated trip to the fabric store with my grandma. Here's hoping!

In comparison, his spring/summer 2009 collection wasn't quite as appealing, but it did have a few treasures in the mix. How about an eye-catching rainbow of beautiful prints?

Images from style.com


Cindiddy said...

oh yea, grey is definatly my color.
but those bright bright dresses are also amazing.


*Lady D* said...

the dresses are making me pine for summer and spring weather!!

K.B. said...


deep_in_vogue said...

i love it that he's staying true to the essence of ungaro, keeping with the vibrant colours but still being very current

Fashion Is Poison said...

wow. these are amazing picks.

Anonymous said...

good choices