Ruffle Drama

D&G via Fincher at tfs.com/AP Photos.
Gianfranco Ferre via Nils at tfs.com/Getty

I'm loving the neck ruffles appearing on a few runways in Milan. It's a look that I secretly try on in my room but never dare wear outside. Well, at least not on campus. I like dressing randomly if I'm out downtown though.

On another note, I've tried experimenting with shoulder pads in my sweaters but I can't get that sleek sharp look (see above) I've been seeing everywhere lately. I just end up with a frumpy lumpy mess. Any ideas?


Goldie Locks said...

Yeah that shoulder pad look is gonna be hard to get, because it seem like that jacket is already sewn to look like that. Maybe if you got really stiff shoulder pads :)

Alice X said...

i LOOooove the collection, it was soo gorgeous:)


Bostonista said...

The ruffles in MIlan have been beautiful. I'm loving them but I agree I don't know how wearable they are off the runway.

Amelia said...

I kind of have mixed feelings about ruffles. You could definitely pull them off, though. I love the bubble-y skirts.